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Passing the Doping Tests

How do bodybuilders pass the doping tests successfully while using big amounts of various drugs throughout the year and during competition? To be honest, I am certainly not an expert in this field, but some research on the internet revealed the following information in less than one hour. I am sure there exist many other methods and tricks that I don't know of yet.

The big bodybuilding federations don't test their athletes for doping at all, and don't even claim their athletes to be drug free. Some smaller so-called natural bodybuilding federations claim their athletes to be drug free, but don't have the financial resources to do any significant doping testing. Sometimes a limited number of athletes are urine tested during a big contest, but for off-season testing there is certainly no money, as a single urine test costs several hundreds of dollars, and a more advanced blood test cost a multiple of this.

Tricks to Test Negative

Passing a doping test while being on drugs, doesn't seem to be very hard at all. There are countless ways to achieve it. Below I list some of the more effective and popular methods. As I am not an expert myself, I will not attempt to explain any of them in detail. I just briefly list them to give you an idea.

  • Currently no tests are operational to effectively detect the use of human growth hormone, insulin, IGFs, myostatin inhibitors, gene doping, and stem cell therapy.
  • Designer steroids exist, which are structurally manipulated anabolic steroids especially developed by chemists for athletes to be undetectable by the current doping tests (e.g. tetrahydrogestrinone or THG).
  • Several anabolic steroids, prosteroids, and precursor steroids are not yet classified as controlled substances, and are undetectable by current doping tests.
  • Several oral drugs, including anabolic steroids, are no longer than a few days or weeks traceable by current doping tests. Insulin disappears already a couple of hours after administration. Human growth hormone becomes indetectable several hours after administration.
  • Epi-testosteron is used to mask the use of exogenous testosterone.
  • Adding certain chemicals to a urine or blood sample can cause a false negative doping test.
  • Oral masking drugs are taken to hide traces of doping products in the urine.
  • Urine samples can be diluted to make doping traces undetectable by drinking lots of water or using diuretics.
  • Using small amounts of many different drugs can keep the level of each individual drug low enough in the test sample to remain undetectable.
  • A very effective method that athletes use during doping tests is to give a clean urine sample instead of their own fresh urine sample. This clean urine can come from a donor, or can be prepared from powdered urine, which can be self-made or even bought on the internet. The clean urine is usually concealed in a container or can be injected into the athlete's bladder directly via a needle or via a catheter through the urethra.

Listen to this interview with Mike Arnold from, bodybuilding doping expert and coach of professional bodybuilders, talking about the use of performance enhancing drugs by chemical as well as natural bodybuilders. Mike explains which kinds and how much drugs are used and how natural bodybuilders avoid getting caught in drug tests.